While we are all about adventure when it comes to activities we realise that a night’s sleep, a hot shower and a clean, cosy room should not involve an adventure. Though sharing your Lidl tent with 7 of your bessie friends in a damp field wearing your flowery wellies may have seemed like a good idea when you were 22 you now know that it’s not. 

Choose between our purpose-built accommodation bases.  We have two; The Killary Adventure Centre, and The Killary Lodge,Self-Catering Nature Lodge.  Alternatively, choose self-catering apartments in Westport town.  Something for every budget.  We promise you will not have to share a damp sleeping bag with anyone.

Killary adventure stay

Killary Lodge | Self-Catering Nature Lodge

Westport Self-Catering Apartments****

Not sure which to choose?

Want our completely biased opinion? Dare to be different and take it to Killary in Connemara. The spectacular setting, the people, the traditional pubs and the chance to have a really unique experience is a winner every time. No one will be disappointed.

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