Stag Party Activities Only

Accommodation? Who needs it when you have the back of the Passat? There are only 16 of you after all and she’s a great car.


Fair enough. We can still look after your activities for you though.

Come to Killary Adventure Co. for the day, a half-day or a 2 hour blast of manliness and see how much more you can fit into your weekend. Think how much colder that first beer will taste when it follows a race through the Turf Challenge? We can even add on a steak meal to round off the day before you head back to the comforts of the trusty Passat.

Check out our packages below for the tried and tested combinations 

Full day packages

Shorter sessions

Event packages

Book group of 10+ and the Stag goes FREE!

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Book group of 10+ and the Stag goes FREE!